This blog post is about the Closing of the Bones Ceremony

I had the honor to photograph the closure of the bones ceremony for a mom who recently gave birth in a hospital after planning a home birth.

Her marvelous Doula set up a candle lit herbal bath followed by a very special ceremony to seal her birth experience!

Mama decided to incorporate the healing benefits of her favorite red light lamp. I was not sure the if the final look of the photos would look good, but I think they actually made a very special series of footage.
Los Angeles birth photographer
Doula Johanna carefully prepped several fabrics on a cozy mat for mom to lay down on. She then proceeded in wrapping every part of her body with each piece of fabric, whispering words of wisdom and healing. She evoked the ancestors who came before us and the energy that each blanket held with its balming effect on the body and soul.
Los Angeles birth photographer
We expand our bodies and souls for 9 months to host, grow and receive our beloved children, we deserve to be wrapped in love and compassion to close the experience of pregnancy and birth and make space for our new begging and life as mothers.
Johanna focused each wrap around each Chakras. Each fabric wovening within and around the energy that came from birth and that this mom was ready to let go of.
It was so beautiful to witness this closing of the bones ceremony and such a privilege to photography it. Traditionally, it is offered not only in relation of birth and post partum, but also for any other mile stone and major life transitions. A closing of the bones ceremony can be extremely healing after a miscarriage, a traumatic birth, the end of a breastfeeding journey, the beginning of menopause; but also trauma, stress, PTSD, autism and so much more. It is such a gentle yet powerful way to center our energy and stabilize our bodies in celebration and acceptance of change that comes with life itself.
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