Frequently Asked Questions

Massage TherapistWhat is a Doula?

As a certified Doula, I draw on 10 years experience and knowledge to provide you with emotional support, physical comfort and the necessary tools for you to make informed based decision through out your pregnancy.

What inspired you to become a Doula?

I feel in love with birth advocacy when my second baby was born at home with the support of 4 amazing midwives, who later on trained me to become a Doula.

How far do you travel?

I offer my Doula services in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles through out the great Los Angeles area and South Bay.

How many prenatal visits do you offer?

At least two, but time permitting, I would love to meet as many times it will take for you to be comfortable with my presence and feel prepared for your birth.

When should I call you if I go into labor?

Please let me know whenever there is a change or you feel you might soon go into labor. Even if you think it is early, I’d rather have extra time to get my family ready and navigate my way through the Los Angeles traffic.

What if my birth takes a really long time?

I will join you when you are in active labor and stay with you throughout your birth; if you are birthing at the hospital and at some point decide to have an epidural, I will step out and rest close by until it is time to meet your baby.

What if I schedule a Cesarean?

I will meet you at the hospital and help you prepare mentally and emotionally.
While in the OR and if the hospital allows it, I will be right next to you and your partner. After the birth of your baby, I will take pictures of you and your family bonding and the arrival of any family members who might join you to meet your baby immediately after birth.

What if something goes “wrong” during the birth?

We will discuss this during your client meeting, but unless unsafe I will stay by your side and love you through it.

How do you handle the role of photographer and Doula at the same time?

While my role as Doula can be very physical during labor, there will be moments when you won’t need my physical presence as close (for instance while you are slow dancing with your partner, or pushing your baby earth-side or nursing your precious newborn baby). In those moments, I will be documenting your birth and coaching you with my voice.

Do you have a back up?

I have several. I always try to match each of my client with a back up who will fit in terms of values and personality. I am happy to share more during the prenatal visits.

What other services do you offer?

Birth photography and videography; Placenta encapsulation; customized gourmet meals.

What education do you have?

I am a certified birth and post-partum Doula with the midwives of The Sanctuary Birth and Family Wellness Center. I hold a Master’s Degree of Science in Digital and Photographic Imaging from The University of Westminster in London, UK. I am also a Certified Professional Birth Photographer since 2020 and a Certified Massage Therapist and Energy Worker since 2024.

How do I book your services?

Please call, text or email me directly, and I will get right back to you.

Do you offer Childbirth Education Classes?

Yes! I became a Gentle Birth Instructor in 2023. You can find more details about the next upcoming class here.

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