Meet Diana Hinek

Doula | Certified Birth Photographer | Videographer

Hello, Friend! I am thrilled to be your Los Angeles birth and lifestyle photographer and birth doula.

Fine, artsy, and colorful portraiture is my specialty, and I am very passionate about supporting moms within the West LA area during their journey through birth and into parenthood.

I was born and raised in Verona, Italy, where, starting at an early age, my studies of ballet, theater, and contemporary dance whet my appetite for visual beauty.

After completing a BA in Film Studies and a Master’s in Digital Imaging in London, I moved to Los Angeles and began working in the visual effects industry as a visual effects compositor on movies such as Sin City, Memoirs of a Geisha, and the Marvel superhero films.

After the birth of my second child, I discovered my true passion and started working as a birth doula within the Los Angeles birth community. It was then that I envisioned the possibility of finally putting my visual passion to use—by becoming a professional and certified birth photographer.

I recognize the power and strength within you, and I am here to support YOUR vision for the birth of your family and guide you toward making it a reality.

Meet Diana Hinek - Los Angeles Birth photographer, videographer and Doula

Among babies is where I am most comfortable.

I enjoy baking late in the evening and craft new dreams until the deep hours of the night.
I am passionate about travel, and I gravitate towards the diverse and new.
I love a good tear-inducing laugh.
I believe there are not enough hugs in the world (I am the hugging Doula!).
I could skip nights of sleep to finish a good book and cry for weeks after watching a soulful movie.
I have been blessed by four magnificent children and a glorious husband.
I also have a puppy, but I am a cat person at heart. Oh, the irony!
I revere a tight community of healers, heart hustlers, and soul advocates.

Welcome to my tribe!

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