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GentleBirth Childbirth Education Los Angeles

Your Positive Birth Begins Here.

This childbirth class combines the wisdom and knowledge of the GentleBirth Program and over a decade of experience working within the Los Angeles birth community.

In this two-day workshop, you will learn the essential tools to prepare for a positive experience, no matter what occurs on the day you’ll give birth.

GentleBirth aims to facilitate the developement of emotional resilient parents in preparation for the change that comes with giving birth.

GentleBirth is as much an attitude as it is a collection of brain training techniques. Thus the scope of this workshop is to address the topics of labor, birth, and post partum, with an emphasis on mindfulness, deep relaxation techniques, and partner support.




About the Workshop

Two-Day in-person preparation course.

Email to receive more information about the next class.

 The class will be held on the Westside, Los Angeles, CA.

Fee $500

The cost includes tuition for you, your partner/support person, a workbook, gift bag.


Call or Email With Any Questions About the Workshop

More About GentleBirth

GentleBirth provides the roadmap to a successful birth no matter what the outcome may be. Backed by evidence based research, it combines birth science, brain science and technology. Through the use of mindfulness, hypnosis and breathing techniques, you become empowered and excited about your birth. GentleBirth facilitates the following goals:


By fostering intelligent optimism, we can re-train our brain to focus to mental and emotional resilience.


Knowledge is Power! Educating and understanding your option allows you to feel calm and in control.


Learning about emotional and physical comfort measures is a vital step toward an empowering pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.

Optimize your experience with the GentleBirth App!

The GentleBirth App provides everything you need for your journey. Each day you’ll be guided through a unique brain training program tailored exactly to your circumstances. You’ll learn simple effective breathing, mindfulness and medical hypnosis techniques that you’ll use long after your baby arrives.

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