Services Offered

Photography & Video Services in the Greater Los Angeles area

My bespoke photography packages are tailored to fit each family’s unique needs and style. Simply contact me and we can create the right package for you.

All birth journey packages include:

  • A complimentary pre-birth consultation
  • My time on call 24/7 beginning at your 38th week
  • My time at your active labor, birth, and the first two to three hours after your baby is born
  • My talent and hand-editing of all images, including a sneak peek within the first few days after birth
  • Edited high-resolution digital files (usually between 100-150 or more) on a USB
  • Both black-and-white and color versions of your photos with print releases
  • An 8×8 custom-made fine art album
  • A slideshow of your birth story set to licensed music (available online and digital download)

Join my tribe and enjoy your choice of birth photography and video packages as part of my services. It’s a wonderful investment in memories and moments you will cherish and share for a lifetime and with generations to come.

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Doula Services in the Greater Los Angeles area

I am passionate about babies. I believe they are the beginning of all that is life—the source of love and healing power to change the world.

Each birth is the origin of a new cycle that can transform our universe. Thus, I believe that to make peace with our past, we need to start by healing our births and by giving mothers the care and support they deserve to birth on their own terms.

I love to work with families who are open to change and growth and who believe that a safe childhood holds the secret to a healthier planet.

As a Los Angeles birth doula my services strive to create loving, supportive spaces. I am here to inform, empower and advocate with you as you labor, birth, and become a parent.

I draw on my certification, knowledge, and experience to provide emotional support, physical comfort, and communication with your attending medical professionals to make sure that you have the tools you need to make informed decisions.

As your Los Angeles birth doula, I accompany you during labor while advocating with you for a safe and empowering birthing experience, as any conscious mother would.

Together with your partner, I support YOU throughout the journey of your birth and beyond. My services include breastfeeding support and conscious parenting education. I strive to create a customized experience of care that is sacred and powerful, nurturing and holistic.


My doula services include:

  • Complimentary phone or in-person consultation
  • At least two in-person prenatal visits
  • On-call availability 24/7 starting at 37 weeks of your pregnancy
  • Lactation support
  • At least two postpartum visits
  • One custom-made gourmet meal of your choice
  • A lifetime of unlimited phone support
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Placenta Encapsulation Services

The practice of mothers eating the placenta has been commonplace in many cultures throughout history.

By assisting the restoration of hormonal harmony, placenta capsules provide support for many common symptoms after birth, such as the baby blues, exhaustion, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed.

Although the FDA has not invested in or sponsored any scientific research on the benefits of consuming the placenta right after birth, it is evident that other mammals have no reservations about eating their own placenta and have been doing so since the beginning of time.

Historically, we are the only mammals who, at some point during our evolution, stopped relying on our placenta as a source of mental and physical healing postpartum.

Since placenta encapsulation (and other types of preparation) started to be offered in western cultures in the last few decades, there have been different schools of thought about how to process the placenta or whether it should be used for other celebratory purposes instead.

Some of the best support for the benefits of placenta encapsulation comes from the numerous testimonies of mothers who decided to consume their placenta after birth and realized what a difference it made during their postpartum period compared to previous births.

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Birth Pool Hire in the Greater Los Angeles area

Birth Pool in a Box is a hospital-grade birth tub that accommodates two people (and your baby). It is eco-friendly and made without latex, lead, and cadmium.

How does it work?

Great for buoyancy, Birth Pool in a Box has an internal depth of 26″, and since the sides are stiff when inflated, you can fill water to a depth of 23″.
The approximate filling time is 40 minutes to three hours (depending on your water pressure and the size of your hot-water tank). It takes approximately 15 to 25 minutes to inflate.

What’s included?

  • One single-use disposable tub liner (disposable for enhanced safety and hygiene)
  • Inflating pump
  • Submersible water pump (sump pump) to remove the used water

What you’ll need

  • A tarp to put underneath the tub
  • One standard faucet adapter that fits your faucet
  • Lead-free hose to fill the tub
  • Hose to empty the tub


The Birth Pool rental price is $225 plus tax ($21.38). One-way delivery or pick-up is available for $60. Otherwise, you will need to pick up from and return the tub to Dear Birth Photography in Santa Monica (please inquire for address).

Additional rental weeks: $50/week, if requested in advance
Late returns: $75/week
Refundable deposit: $75
Cleaning: You are required to clean the tub unless you purchase the cleaning option for $50. Improperly cleaned tubs will incur a $75 fee.

Terms and Conditions

The tub becomes available at 37 weeks of pregnancy and it needs to be returned after the birth, no later than two weeks after the EDD (expected day of delivery).
It is kindly requested that you return the tub shortly after the birth even if it is before the end of the rental period.

A refundable deposit of $75 is required. This deposit is due IN ADDITION to the tub rental fee and does not secure a rental reservation. It is retained to protect against damages or improper cleaning.

Additional Costs

Improper cleaning fee: $75 (cleaning instructions are provided – please follow closely
Late fee: $75/week
Damages/missing items fees: $100
Repair tub: approximately $200
Replace sump pump: approximately $60
Replace inflating pump: approximately $70

To reserve your tub and for all inquiries, please contact me here.

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GentleBirth Childbirth Education

GentleBirth provides the roadmap to a successful birth no matter what the outcome may be. Backed by evidence based research, it combines birth science, brain science and technology. Through the use of mindfulness, hypnosis and breathing techniques, you become empowered and excited about your birth.

GentleBirth facilitates the following goals: 

  • Brain Training. By fostering intelligent optimism, we can re-train our brain to focus to mental and emotional resilience.
  • Navigating your options.Knowledge is Power! Educating and understanding your option allows you to feel calm and in control.
  • The tool box. Learning about emotional and physical comfort measures is a vital step toward an empowering pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.

Find out more about the upcoming GentleBirth childbirth classes in Los Angeles here.

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