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“I have known Diana Hinek in many capacities over the past decade. Most relevant has been as a doula and birth photographer to many of my clients. Her empathy as a doula and birth professional is remarkable and her integrity is above reproach. She is very knowledgeable of the process and the birth space from her experiences as a mother and while caring for my clients, both as a doula and a birth photographer. This knowledge and experience give her the wisdom to respect the birthing family. This wisdom is visible in her work and shows in her wonderful pictures. I have many of her photos on my website and social media. I strongly support her candidacy for a certified professional birth photographer.”

Dr. Fischbein

OBGYN, Los Angeles

“I found Diana on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her work! Little did I know I’d be getting more than these priceless photos of such a special moment. Having Diana as a part of my birth team made my home birth so much more meaningful. Her energy was genuine, calm, sweet, and assertive…she flowed around the birth scene so effortlessly. I’m 3 months postpartum and she checks on me often. I can say that I’ve gained a friendship in Diana when I thought I’d only be getting birth photos. Her work is amazing, and her heart is genuinely sweet! You would be delighted to have her as your photographer for any occasion, I’m sure! “
Bobbie N.

Los Angeles

“As a Labor and Delivery Nurse and trained doula, it can be hard to find someone to provide a service you are used to providing, but the moment I met Diana, I knew she had exactly what I needed! Her gentle spirit, servant’s heart, and passion for her work is infectious and leaves you feeling so special from the moment you meet her. She provides so much more than just doula and photography services (which are both spectacular) , she genuinely cares for your family and goes above and beyond to meet whatever unique needs your family may have. I’m so thankful for her all she has done for our family. I’ll never be able to repay her or thank her enough. I can only hope this review will entice other families to seek her out and invite this treasure of a woman into their lives. You won’t regret it! “
Kati N.


“We are so happy to have worked with Diana to capture our home birth, newborn photos and we even did holiday family photos with her too. She is so good, we hardly noticed she was at the birth and she was incredibly helpful in getting photos quickly and efficiently with a toddler, a 1 week old and a very tired, postpartum mama. The photos and video we received are GORGEOUS, I’m beyond happy with them and grateful we chose Diana!!”
April A.

Hermosa Beach

“It’s hard to know where to begin to even write a review for Diana… and to be honest, I don’t ever bother to review ANYONE, but she is just so special, I couldn’t possibly not. I first reached out to Diana to seek her Maternity photography services. The shoot was amazing, and we forever treasure what we captured that day…. but it goes way beyond that. Given the time period that we were expecting was during COVID, there were restrictions on how many people could be present during our birth, and we were only allowed 1 support person (my partner), so sadly I did not get to have a doula at the birth. And yet, and feel like I did… Diana.

She was so much more than our maternity photographer!! She was such a huge support to our family, checking in to see how we were doing (before and for many weeks after birth, and just being there any way we might need… even if it was to just listen to me vent!! Lol. S

he also came to the hospital to meet my husband immediately after birth so that she could encapsulate my placenta for me. The Placenta Pills were just magic!

If I had’ve been able to have a doula during birth there is NO QUESTION that she would’ve been it… from the moment we met in person, her energy was just so calming and reassuring. She made everything during our photoshoot feel so at ease, and so natural (even though I felt so nervous and all “out of sorts” that day).

We even forgot to capture a maternity pic idea for our family with the dog that we had in mind, and she came all the way back to our house after we realize we forgot to mention that to her before… she had no problem doing so, and did’t make a big deal of it. She’s just so thoughtful. It’s truly hard to even put her into words, because none of it really does justice… you have to meet her in person for yourself to truly understand what a treasure of a human soul she is. Any service that she offers, I can assure that she will go above and beyond… book this woman, you won’t regret it!!!!”

Sabrina C.

Mar Vista

“Diana attended my birth in May and I’m not sure I can express in words how grateful I am. The photos she took are incredibly beautiful and evoke so much emotion. I will forever look at them and remember how I felt and the energy of those moments- she genuinely captured it all. Her editing is stunning and artful. Amazingly though, the finished product is just the icing on the cake…. her presence at my birth was a gift in itself. Diana has a such a calm, compassionate energy about her. My older children were immediately comfortable with her, as were my partner, my mom, and I. She had a lovely way of being a comforting presence and also mysteriously fading into the background to take her photos. I don’t know how she managed to snap some of the shots she got without ever interrupting a special moment. If you are looking for a doula or photographer to have present at your birth, I highly recommend Diana.”
Ashley H.

Manhattan Beach

“Diana is the most loving, calming, warm and gentle person – an absolutely perfect doula to provide emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery. She was a constant presence, always checking in with genuine, thoughtful messages and information to help guide me and prepare me for what was ahead. I always felt comforted and confident in her approach, and I enjoyed getting to know her as we journeyed toward welcoming a new sweet life into the world. She is also a wonderful photographer and perfectly captured my last moments with my daughter before having to share the spotlight, as well as my first incredible moments with my son. I will always cherish the memories and be grateful for Diana!”
Beth W.

Culver City

“Diana is far and away the best family photographer that we have experienced. I have 4 very active boys and she made beauty out of the seeming chaos. She takes the time to really SEE the person and then captures it on the screen. She is patient, very funny, professional and so loving that we naturally felt at ease. And the most important thing is that our photos are INCREDIBLE. Seriously I can not recommend her enough. SHE IS THE BEST! “
Maura M.


“Hire this woman! She can do anything– phenomenal doula, incredible photographer, down-to-earth mom, and all-around good human. You’ll love just being in the same room as her. I didn’t know how much I needed Diana until the day of the birth of my son. She’s patient, reassuring, confident, and understands the birth process on a medical and emotional level. I am eternally grateful for her guidance, support, and comforting presence throughout the entire experience. From the prenatal visits to discuss medical procedures and birth plans, to the hospital, and the post natal check-ins and lactation advice, Diana always presented useful information in a caring and accessible manner. On top of all that, the photos from that day and the following weeks are my absolute favorites. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Malia M.

Santa Monica

“Diana brought such a calming, compassionate & helpful presence to the birth of our twins; we’ll be forever grateful for her being there! We were gifted her photography services from a friend and were lucky enough to have her doula abilities shine throughout the labor & assist us with a calming demeanor.

Our plan was to have a home birth with the boys but they decided that’s not how their story was going to be told which meant a long 24+ hours. Diana not only drove to our place in Topanga in order to capture the beginning of labor & our home surroundings; she followed our birth team across 2 hours of traffic to our hospital of choice! Having her there to capture those moments was so vital but having her step in as a doula/advocate for us at the hospital meant the world to our family. The images are absolutely amazing as is the video (I burst into tears every time I watch it!); moments captured that will pull at our strings forever. Thank you Diana for EVERYTHING you did for the birth of our boys – if you’re looking to hire a doula or a photographer she is hands down the BEST!”

Sarah L.


“I went back and forth about hiring a Birth photographer and then when we decided to definitely have one I had a hard time getting any to get back to me…until Diana! She got right back to me and set up a phone meeting. When that went well and she (thank God!) agreed to travel to Long Beach for the birth we met face to face. For me, I instantly knew her energy would be conducive for what I wanted in my birth space. My labor ended up coming on pretty fast and still she arrived quickly! The images did not disappoint and I stare at them everyday. She also encapsulated my placenta which she brought to my house less than 48 hours after I gave birth. Not only is Diana warm, sweet, and knowledgeable she is excellent at what she does! “
Kassie G.

Long Beach

“Diana was our doula, and I recommend her strongly to first time fathers. It is valuable and comforting to have an advocate who has been in the room for 57 births with you for your 1st. I never would have thought that my wife and I would want pictures of the birthing experience. We are gracious that Diana knew that we might – she thought the bring her camera and she captured:
1) My tears of joy that flowed when our boy was born.
2) The magic of the first look of our son into his mother’s eyes.
3) My smile the first time I held him.

Meet with several doulas and several photographers before you make your decision – and then choose Diana!”

Andy D.

West Los Angeles

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