Last summer I joined the Gentle birth Team to learn about their program and become an instructor. 

I was initially skeptical to hear about yet another ‘method’ to prepare parents to give birth. 

After spending the last 15 years walking the realm of birth, I realize that as parents, we always have the opportunity to heal our birth experience.

No matter how it unfolds, we can revisit the way we frame our experience.


I firmly believe that if anything, what we need to do is un-learn how to give birth. Because our bodies already know how to do it. Our babies too!

So what needs to happen is the conscious rewiring of our brain to get rid of the fear and drama that are often attached to birth by our society.

We are not born fearing birth. We are not born needing a Doula. We shouldn’t need an advocate to protect our birth space. We shouldn’t have to hire a whole team of birth experts to be able to give birth.

While the invention of hospitals brought undeniable benefits to save lives, it created a medicalization of birth that is often unnecessary and detrimental for both mamas and babies.

And with that came also a lot of fear. That drama was then hyped and exponentially monetized by Hollywood. If it bleeds, it leads! 

Gentle Birth is heavily backed by science and evidence based research. It dives deep into the anatomy of our brain functions and by using a combination of mindfulness and hypnobirthing, offers a comprehensive birth tool kit for mamas and their partners.

While the Gentle Birth program doesn’t promise parents a specific birth outcome (thank you for that!), it lays the basis for teaching emotional resilience. So that we can define our own birth success independently of HOW, WHERE and WHEN our babies are born. 

The most exciting aspect of the Gentle Birth program is that it’s a tool that can be used beyond pregnancy and birth. It comes with an App that is fully customizable. Each 10-30 minutes track is a pleasure to listen to and easily accessible for anyone.

My kids love to listen to Tracy’s voice! Right  before bedtime, we put on the relaxation tracks and every night we slowly fall into a sweet and deep slumber. 

Science shows that it takes as little as 8 weeks to re-wire our brain. For better or worst, this is how powerful our thoughts can be. My clients often tell me all the things they do not want for their labor; but when I ask them what do they want, their mind goes blank!

So while there might be a lot of negative bias we need to unpack from our childhood and the way we are used to think about Birth, it is possible to change those neurological patterns and create new ones!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all our wishes for an empowering birth come true? What if we had control over that by simply learning how to control how we respond to whatever might fall in our lap during labor?

I am teaching a 2 Days Gentle Birth workshop in March, in West Los Angeles. The workshop is a fusion of mindfulness, hypnobirthing and sport psychology. It is designed to provide information about how to best prepare for your birth, clarification about the difference between home birthing and hospital birthing and also reassurance that YOU are in full control of many aspects of your birth experience.

If you are curious to hear more, reach out! Please send all the mamas who might be interested in a Gentle Birth!

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