Investing into birth photography after a cesarean birth can for some be a bit gamble.

I have known this family for almost two years. She and her family have been through so much expansion, loss and growth.

They navigated a medical system that did not support them and discriminated against them just because mom wanted to have a vaginal birth after 2 belly births.

Yet they committed to having options. They strongly believed they should have the best care for their birth and nothing could stop them. They also valued their choices so much that they wanted to document their experience of giving birth as a family.

Birth photography after a cesarean birth become for them, the opportunity to celebrate their victory.

Through out her labor, I heard this mama say so many times that another ceserean was simply ‘not her story’. The night of her birth, she texted to let me know things had started and that she would update me when it was time to meet at the birth center.

When I arrived at the birth center , mama was laboring hard. Her children moving in and out of the labor room, her husband always by her side, and her twin sister on her way…

Initially the midwives were worried about the numbers and patterns of the contractions, but after a little while, baby figured out the gist of labor and initiated her decent. Mom just needed some encouragement, but I never had the sensation that she would need to transfer to the hospital.

You know when us birth workers have this gut feeling?

Even then the midwives told me that there might be a little way to go, I decided that I should stay instead of going home. Perhaps the idea of getting stuck in Monday L.A. traffic also played a huge role in my decision. Regardless, I was offered a little corner to take a cozy nap and napped I did.

The birth center is nothing short of a state of art of feeling at home. Located in the heart of Downtown L.A., Midwife Faith turned a this three bedroom apartment in the most welcoming space for mothers and their families to give birth. From the lobby valet parking to the fully stocked kitchen and the amazingly comfortable bedding and lounge, I would not only given birth there, I would have moved in!

In the wee hours of a gloomy and cozy Monday, baby girl was born in the water, triumphantly welcomed by her proud mom and her weeping dad. The youngest of the children never left his mom’s side and witness the miracle of his baby sister emerging from the water. One moment she was in her mother’s belly and the next she was earth side.

To this day I am still stunned at the idea of birth. As it often seems an optical illusion or a trick of time.

This is why birth photography after a cesarean birth is the tangible proof that this miracle indeed unfolded in front of our eyes.

Despite how blurry that memory may become over time.

I look at the images of that moment and my heart turns into a puddle of joy every time.

Birth photography after a cesarean birth became the testimony of their triumph.

Thank you for sharing this gift with me. Thank you for spreading joy and hope.

I am so grateful to this family for valuing birth photography after a cesarean as the opportunity to capture this experience a role model for their wise three daughters and amazing son. This mom broke all the records and won against all the odds, even birthing her daughter on her own birth-day!

Below is the video of their journey.

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