I have been holding onto to this unassisted birth story for weeks now, always searching for the perfect words to express the profound impact it has had on me. Being part of this family’s sacred journey has been an indescribable honor. I hope that the mother will share more of her story in the future, but without making assumptions on her behalf, I can say that she deeply valued honoring her body’s sovereignty. She chose to birth unassisted, surrounded only by those whose presence she felt was essential for her son’s journey to earth.

Born in water at home unassisted. Documented by Los Angeles birth photographer Dear Birth.

Throughout her pregnancy, she maintained an admirable connection and communication with her baby. From the very beginning, she was guided by her son’s voice, consciously choosing to heed every insight and detail that came to her. Her experience was devoid of fear, filled instead with joy, excitement, grace, and love.

It was an honor to be part of this family’s story and to meet Maira a Traditional Birth Assistant (TBA). I am incredibly grateful for her welcoming presence and loving energy. The day began with the gentle chirping of birds, which seemed to harmonize with the mother’s birth song. As the labor progressed, the baby’s sweet voice filled the room, blending with the wild excitement and anticipation of his sisters.

It was a perfect day, a testament to the beauty and power of natural unassisted birth, and a reminder of the strength and wisdom inherent in every woman. This experience has profoundly touched me, and I am forever thankful to have witnessed such an extraordinary unassisted birth.

Our society often shows criticism and judgement toward those who dare to choose a different path from the mass, yet this mother did not shy away from defying the stigma that our society has built around birth. We grow up seeing birth as one of the most frightening days of our lives; I wish anyone could experience birth like this family did!
What a gift for this baby boy’s sister to watch their mother birth him in complete peace, safety and joy. This is how we prepare the next generation of women to live their life undefeated and triumphantly.

Mom,dad and baby right after their unassisted birth, cuddling on the couch and documented by Los Angeles birth photographer Dear Birth.

Stepping into the profound journey of this free and unassisted Birth, was the testimony of a tapestry woven with the threads of life, love, and boundless strength. Choosing the path of unassisted birth is a declaration of sovereignty, a sacred dance with the universe where trust in our bodies becomes our guiding star. It’s a pilgrimage to the deepest realms of self, where courage meets vulnerability in the birthing chamber of our souls. Let us honor this sacred journey, embracing the diverse paths that lead to the miracle of life.

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