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Being Pregnant can feel at times a little cheated. This is why I am here to offer you 9 amazing tips for your pregnancy.

Once the hormones start to work their magic and your body changing, there might be all sorts of discomforts we wish we had been preparing for before hand. Or at least be warned about!

Have a baby they said, it will be fun they said!!

Personally, when I became pregnant with my firs baby, I was a mess of joy and fear because I really had no clue where to start from to prepare for the arrival of my daughter. I used to work in the Visual Effects Industry at that time, a primarily men dominated field; my family was all abroad; none of my close friends had baby yet. I was totally lost!

Here is the beautiful news though: our magnificent bodies know already how to provide for new life. Women’ bodies are designed to create and quite often it is just a matter of getting a little organized, find the right support ( emotional and physical) and celebrate along the ride.

Unless there are some serious medical conditions that require a special type of care, these 9 amazing tips for your pregnancy will help making the journey a little easier:

1) Especially during the first trimester, focus in eating a protein rich diet. We need proteins at every meal- some say every two hours in order to sustain the sudden hormonal changes in our bodies. Also, you want to make sure that if you choose an animal source for your proteins, they are grass fed. That way you will also optimize your vitamin D intake!

2) Increase your water intake. Gift yourself a wonderful non-plastic bottle and keep refilling it until you drink at least 2 Liters of water per day.

3) Keep moving. Whether you go swim laps twice a week, or enroll in a dance class for pregnant mamas, or start maternity yoga or keep up with your body lifting; please make sure your instructor is qualified and certified to teach to pregnant mothers. Also, exercise during pregnancy does not have to break the bank, so walking 3-5 miles per day is also amazing for your body and soul!

4) Keep a journal.
It might be not only beneficial to your mood to release any worry on the blank page of a journal but also recording your thoughts and entries during this special time, might be something one day you’ll enjoy sharing with your baby.

5) Pee often and forward. Try not to hold your pee too long and when sitting on the toilet move forward as it might help emptying your bladder.

6) Hire a Doula. Some moms prefer to hire their Doula toward the end of their pregnancy when everything seems to start to feel so real and approaching; but personally and as I Doula myself I LOVE when moms contact me early on. It gives both parties the chance to get to know each other well and comfortably and it gives the Doula the opportunity to pour all her knowledge onto mom without overwhelming her. Finally she might have more than 9 amazing tips for your pregnancy!

7) Make sure you are comfortable with your care provider. Whether you hired an OB or a midwife to support you during labor, please remember that you are the one delivering your baby and if at any times you feel your care provider’s way of practice does not resonate with your needs, just know that you are the client and therefore entitle to fire him/her and hire someone else. I think this is the best of my 9 amazing tips for your pregnancy!

8) Find a good pediatrician whom you will be able to trust for years to come to help you decide about the health of your child. Again, the same rules as above apply in case he/she becomes unfit to your family needs, at any point.

9) Hire a Birth Photographer. This goes hand in had with hiring a Doula. Birth Photography is becoming more and more popular in the United States and through out the world. Moms are starting to recognize the value of capturing their emotions during birth; they are finally seeing that they deserve to be celebrated and remembered; that they have the right to hold on to their emotions and protect them like they will  their babies.

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