A couple of weeks ago I drove all the way from Santa Monica to Magic Mountain for a belly session at the Ranch my client’s family owns.

When this family hired me, in the midst of the Corona Virus outbreak, we weren’t sure if and when the outdoors would be for photography sessions.

We thoughts we could perhaps adventure to the sand or some hidden path in the Santa Monica mountains; but as we got closer to the date, my client got really excited about the possibility to do her belly session at the Ranch.

Normally it is used for film and commercials shoots, so we were lucky that we could just walk in and have a whole set at our disposal. This was our silver-lining!

Color image of prengant woman dressed in white leaning against a column in what appears to be a series of arches. SHe has dark long hair and is looking down at ther belly.

This mom to be had chosen three different outfits for her session and she clearly wore them with style.

Color image of pregnant woman leaning against a wal with her eyes closed in bliss. Her hands rest on her belly and she is wearing a teal stretchy dress that enhances her full belly.

Because of the setting, we had to constantly keep an eye out for fire ants; so I felt really bad when I asked her to remove her shoes for most of her poses; but she happily agreed and worked her magic.

Color image of couple standing in front of am old broken wheel carriage and adobe house. They hold hands and look stright at the camera. Woman is pregnant and wearing a teal colored dress. Partner is dressed in dark and has his hand in his pocket.

The Ranch had so many versatile spots we could use. From the stages part, to the nature and trees. My favorite was his beautiful spot where I found this little gem of a prop.

Color image of Belly session at the Ranch Melody. Pregnant woman sitting next to a wheel barrel in a field of dry grass with hills in the backgroud. She holds her belly with her hands.

The last spot we picked was a cabin on top of a hill that had once burned down. It was truly surreal to be there and breath in the magic and fresh air.

Color image of belly session at the Ranch Melody. Expecting woman and her partner sit on the steps of an old wooden cabin that appears to have once be burned.

I know Covid-19 has created so much confusion and uncertainty for many families.

My heart goes out to all of you.

If you have any desire or interest in having your journey being captured, please do reach out!

I would love to work with you and create a customised plan that suits and fits your family needs.

For inquiries about my availability please reach out here