This water birth in the South Bay was nothing but magical!

Even though I love my job and feel very fortunate to consider it more a passion than a job, I always worry about babies being born all at the same time. I always work with a back up Doula and/or photographer, but still,I don’t want to miss my clients’ birth. By the time they give birth, we have established a relationship of trust and support and I find myself invested in their positive experience as much as they do.

So when I got a text from midwife Katie about this mom’s water being broken, I was actually at another birth and for a second, I found myself panicking. But babies often take their sweet time to join us earth side and it would be another 2 days from that text, before the birth team actually joined this family for their special day.

When I walked into their house, I found mama M peacefully breathing through her contractions. Alternating resting with slowly dancing with her husband A.

Water birth in the South Bay by Los Angeles birth photographer Dear Birth

Papa to be actually blew me away because not only he stayed by M for the all time she was navigating her contractions, but he also never seemed tired, hungry or worried about the process. Truth to be told, he blew away the most experienced of all Doulas. He clearly has a career option in the birth world, should he get tired, one day, of his famous bakery!

Water Birth in the South Bay photographed by Los Angeles birth photographer Dear Birth

As we got deeper into the night, and mama M decided she wanted to rest in bed with her peanut ball, Katie and I decided to give her some space. Katie drove home to nurse her own baby back to sleep and I took a nap in the driveway.
After a couple of hours, we got the call that M couldn’t rest anymore. It was time!!

After few more surges mama M started to push, with the encouragement of her midwife Katie, who explained her how to use the muscles of her tummy, while papa A got the birth tub ready.

As the sun started to peak through the living room window, mama M ‘s vision for her perfect water birth in the South Bay started to take place. With Frank Sinatra signing in the background, baby Amary was soon born in the arms of her mom and dad and the strict supervision of her doggie Opi.

Water Birth in the South Bay captured by Los Angeles birth photographer Dear Birth

Please enjoy below the film fusion I created for this family for their water birth in the South bay.

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